Surge Protectors

In today’s network environment, a power surge is not limited to the power source coming from the wall outlet; there are also other factors to consider. Power surges coming through the Ethernet Cable can be fatal to valuable network equipment. Designed for harsh environments, EtherWAN’s surge protection safeguards your valuable network equipment.

What we offer :
» Ethernet Port Surge Protector
» Copper Pairs Surge Protector
EtherWAN’s media converters required to pass real-time data transfer test under -40°C to 85°C up to 72 hours no compromise. More default reliability tests include vibration, drop, electrostatic discharge immunity, electrical fast transient and burst immunity, surge immunity, EMI radiation and conduction are all done in EtherWAN labs.

Ethernet Port Surge Protector
Copper Pairs Surge Protector