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VPN Acceleration NIC Module



  • Intell® QuickAssist Technology Capability (Gbps) up to 50G
  • IPSec (Gbps) up to 43G
  • SSL (Gbps) up to 49G
  • Compression (Gbps) up to 20G
  • RSA Decrypt 1k-bit key (ops/sec) up to 165K
  • RSA Decrypt 2k-bit key (ops/sec) up to 35K
  • Thermal Design Power 20W (Watt)
  • PCI Express Gen 2.0 Endpoint x16 (NAE581), x8 (NAE580)
  • Available Models: NA570, NA580, NA850, NA860


The NAE9K580/581 is a high performance VPN acceleration NIC module with Intell® 8925/8950 chipset (called Coleto Creek). The 89XX chipset provides hardware-based acceleration technology (Intel® QuickAssist Technology) in off-loading crypto/decrypto and compression up to 50 Gbps. It’s ideal for high-end security appliances, such as network optimization appliance, VPN, UTM and NGFW(Next Generation Firewall).


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  • NAE580/581
  • VPN Acceleration NIC Module


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