EMC1200R Series


12-Bay Media Converter System

Media converter system including 12 media converter modules with redundant power supply modules




The EMC1200R is a 12-Bay chassis system specifically designed to house and power selected EtherWAN Media Converters and Ethernet Extenders in a 19” rack enclosure.

The dynamic selections of EtherWAN’s media converter and Ethernet extender family provide flexible system combinations. Each bay is electrically isolated from each other with fused over-current protection resulting is unprecedented reliability. The redundant internal power supplies provide both power redundancy and load sharing. Support for both AC & DC power input options allows the EMC1200R to be used worldwide. With its solid metal enclosure, standard 19” rack-mount and one-unit height design, the EMC1200R is ideal for interconnecting disparate network media and extending Ethernet beyond its boundaries.

EtherWAN — “When Connectivity is Crucial.


12-Bay Rackmount Chassis

» Powers up 12 media converters with redundant terminal block power inputs

Supports EtherWAN’s Ethernet extenders and media converters

» Supported media converter Model include, EL2321, EL2211, EL2315, EM1100/EM2100, EM1000/EM2000, EM1000S/EM2000S, EM1020, EM120, EL100/EL200, and EL110/EL210 Series




  • • 100 – 240VAC, 50 – 60Hz Internal Universal PSU

Power Consumption

  • • 9.4Watts, system w/o media converters, but with redundant PSUs.
  • • For total EMC1200R power consumption, please calculate with the selected media converters’ datasheets.




  • • Metal case


  • • 440mm (W) x 243mm (D) x 45mm (H)
      (17.32″ (W) x 9.57″ (D) x 1.77″ (H))


  • • 3.1Kg (6.82lbs.)


  • • Rack mounting



Operating Temperature

  • • 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)

Storage Temperature

  • • -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

Ambient Relative Humidity

  • • 5% to 95% (non-condensing)


Regulatory Approvals


  • • Manufactured in an ISO9001 facility

Emission Compliance

  • FCC Part 15B, Class A
  • CE Mark Class A


Ordering Info


EMC1200RC12-Bay EL100C Media Converter System
EMC1200RT12-Bay EL100T Media Converter System
EMC1200RL12-Bay EL100L Media Converter System
EMC1210RC12-Bay EL110C Media Converter System
EMC1210RT12-Bay EL110T Media Converter System
EMC1210RL12-Bay EL110L Media Converter System
EMC1220RCC-1512-Bay EM120MCC-15 Media Converter System
EMC1220RTC-1512-Bay EM120MTC-15 Media Converter System
EMC1220RLC-1512-Bay EM120MLC-15 Media Converter System

ST fiber also available in Single Mode, 20Km
SC fiber also available in Single Mode, 20/40/60/100/120Km
SC fiber also available in WDM Type A and Type B, Single Mode 20/40Km, and Multi Mode 2/5Km
More SFP options are available upon request. Please visit Etherwan.com for the lastest SFP module datasheet.


EMC1200RGS12-Bay Gigabit SFP Media Converter System
EMC1230RTSC12-Bay EL2211-31 Media Converter System
EMC1230RTLC-1012-Bay EL2211-A1 Media Converter System
EMC1230RTLC-2012-Bay EL2211-B1 Media Converter System
EMC1200RTSC12-Bay EM1000TSC Media Converter System
EMC1200RTLC-1012-Bay EM1000TLC-10 Media Converter System
EMC1200RTLC-2012-Bay EM1000TLC-20 Media Converter System
EMC1210RTSC12-Bay EM1100TSC Media Converter System
EMC1210RTLC-1012-Bay EM1100TLC-10 Media Converter System
EMC1210RTLC-2012-Bay EM1100TLC-20 Media Converter System
EMC1200RSLC-1012-Bay EM1000SLC-10 Media Converter System
EMC1200RSLC-2012-Bay EM1000SLC-20 Media Converter System
EMC1200RLLC-1012-Bay EM1000LLC-10 Media Converter System
EMC1200RLLC-2012-Bay EM1000LLC-20 Media Converter System

SC fiber also available in WDM Type A and Type B, Single Mode 10/20Km, and Multi Mode 2/5Km
More SFP options are available upon request. Please visit Etherwan.com for the lastest SFP modules datasheet.